Pro Staffer of the Week - Randy Austin


This week’s profile features Randy Austin of Cedar City, Utah.  Randy has been wearing Zekos for a couple of years and his favorite color is the vintage camo.

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Tell us a little about yourself:
I live in Cedar City, Utah with my beautiful wife of 25 years Christina.  I grew up in the small southeastern New Mexico farming community of Melrose. I have fished all my life really or at least as long as I can remember. There are not a lot of lakes nearby where I grew up only small farm ponds. I would strap my rod on my bike and pedal several miles to the nearest farm pond to feel the tug of a bass on my line.

What is your favorite fishing technique?
Bass fishing is my favorite no doubt, but mainly just being on my boat.  Absolutely love stalking smallies in the spring.

What’s your best fishing memory?
Too many great memories really to pick a favorite, but probably the best are fishing with my brothers on our annual Austin Fishing Adventures trip to Lake Powell Utah or the last trip with my late father Bob Austin trout fishing on the San Juan River in New Mexico. I miss him so much

What’s your favorite piece of fishing equipment and why?
Love my Zekos but my favorite has to be my Skeeter ZX 225 and Yamaha SHO four stroke. Absolutely love my bug!

What’s your biggest fishing dream?
Anyone that fishes competitively has a dream of being in or winning the BASS master classic. Until that time I am chasing the biggest title in the west and being the US Open Champ.

What motivates you to be part of the Zeko ProStaff?
Proud to be a part of the Zeko family, thank you so much. See ya on the water!

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