What's so great about Zeko shoes? Just look at what our customers are saying...

"It's a fantastic shoe (for our small sailboat) and hope you'll continue to carry it (slipz). FYI: we live most of the year on a small Bahamian island and saw the shoe on friends of ours (who also live here part time/and part time in Arkansas - so your product is really getting around!)."
 – Judith

"I met your wonderful team at Texas- Jr USA! I am a fitness competitor and I love my new shoes I bought there!!! I weight lifted, danced and ran in them today and I am sold!!!!!"
– Viko

"Love the shoes! My wife and I ordered our first pair at the beginning of May and have had a lot of compliments. We have sent dozens of people to your website so I hope that equates to more business! We would love to see more colors become available and hopefully kid sizes are around the corner. "
– John

"The new shoes arrived today. Wow, fast! And these fit much better. Thank you for such great service! Im going on a cruise in about 7 weeks and these shoes will be perfect in and out of the water! Thanks again!"
– Theresa

"I was at an all day picnic with friends and family running around in the blazing heat and had my ZEKO's on and I was soooo comfortable. I love my ZEKO's."
– Russell

"I luv my Zeko shoes...I were them for crossfit and teaching my Phys Ed classes..."
– Drexel 

"My wife and I just bought our first pairs of Zeko's last week at the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show!! We love them!! My wife ran 3 miles in them the first time she wore them...no blisters, no sweaty feet...only comfort!"
– Zach

"Bought a pair this weekend at the Forrest Wood Cup in Hot Springs, AR. Been running around in them all day today. Love the shoes! And of course the bright yellow color!! I see another pair in my future."
– Michael

"I bought a pair of ZEKO's at the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest today. Love 'em!"
– Jen