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We love being outside. Fishing, boating, hiking, kayaking, camping...all of it.  For years we've noticed that one of the trickiest parts of being outdoorsy is what type of footwear to use.  There's nothing worse than having cold, wet sneakers before your day's even started.  Or standing on something sharp with your barefoot. Or the slosh, slosh, slosh of water in your sneakers.  We tried Crocs, flipflops, and bare feet. But when conditions are slippery none of those feel safe and stable.  Plus we want the convenience of being able to run into a bait shop or convenience store before, during, or after our excursions without soaking wet feet.

 In the end, we realized we'd have to create the kind of shoe we wanted.  We believe Zeko Shoes are the ultimate outdoor shoes.   With a ventilated sole that drains both air and water they're perfect for boating, fishing, gardening, hiking or every-day wear.  Zeko Shoes have a quick-drying microfiber-wicking mesh upper layer. The velcro strap makes these shoes easy to put on and take off. The sturdy ventilated EVA sole keeps your feet cool and dry.  

Even with all of that, maybe the thing we're most proud of is how light these shoes are. Weighing as little as 6 ounces, we dare you to find a lighter sneaker type shoe.  For those of us who just love the lightweight feel of going barefoot, we think Zeko's are the perfect compromise.  

Our latest version of Zeko Shoes have the following features:

Lightweight - As little as 6 Ounces  
We are one of the lightest weight shoes on the market.  They are so light you'll forget you even have them on!

Vented Sole

Our shoes keep your feet cool and comfortable with a vented sole that reduces sweating and odor!

Velcro Strap - No Laces
Shoes are easy to put on and take off.

High Performance EVA Sole

Sturdy sole absorbs shock and creates comfortable cushion. 

Slip Resistant Non-Marking Soles. 
Perfect for boats and marinas.

Machine Washable
Easy to clean!

Fast Drying
Wicking Mesh Allows you to keep your feet cool and dry.

No Socks Needed
Comfort of shoe makes it easy to wear with or without socks