From Our Family to Yours

When two young, 18-year old boys were dropped off at college over 20 years ago, we could never have known the depth of the friendship we were about to forge.  One of us from the Midwest and the other from the East Coast, we spent our first year at University studying together, playing video games together, and giving each other a hard time. It was the beginning of a friendship that has stood the test of time.

We've traveled the world together, been in each other's weddings (yes, our wives are friends too), and stayed close all these years later.  Today we have children ranging from 5 to 11.  Our get-together's look a lot different than they did all those years ago. But we still manage to find time to go boating, play video games and give each other a hard time. 


  Harry: Co-Owner/Product and Sales Manager

Harry grew up in Boston.  He balanced out his slight video game addiction with a healthy amount of outdoor time doing chores at the farm his dad worked at.  Fishing in the river, on the lake and at the beach were favorite ways to pass the time with his dad. Today, Harry still loves video gaming, but now he balances that out by spending large amounts of outdoor time doing chores at the farm his wife convinced him to buy.  To escape all that, he loves to travel, especially when he can head to the water for kayaking or boating. 


  Jeff: Co-Owner/Product and Operations Manager

Jeff grew up in Indiana. A willing partner to Harry's video game addiction, Jeff also enjoys spending as much time as possible on his boat. He also loves traveling, especially if it involves warm climates and beaches.    



  Susan: Co-Owner/E-Commerce & Social Media

Susan grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.  She spent her formative years at the heels of her outdoors-loving parents. Her grandpa was a deep-sea fisherman and Susan spent countless hours on his boats learning and fishing with him.  She traded in the wild African wilderness to move to the United States.  But her love of the outdoors never changed. She and her husband Harry live on a 47 acre ranch in southern Ohio.  Susan loves to travel, the more remote the better, as long as it's all outside.


 Nicole: Co-Owner/Customer Service & Marketing Manager

Nicole is from Chicago, and spent many of her childhood years living in Latin America with her world traveling parents. She has trekked through the Amazon rainforest, climbed the Andes mountains, and explored the wildlife of the Galápagos Islands.
Now living in Indianapolis, Nicole loves spending time outdoors, boating, kayaking and hiking. Nicole has a passion for adventure and travel and loves to escape Midwest winters for much warmer climates. 


Zeko Shoes are made with love, from our family to yours.